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At Vantage Certifications, we offer a Global certifications platform with a robust business and learning experience for our clientele.  Vantage Certifications offers flexible partnership to match your mode of operation as a partner.

Our dedicated Global Partnership Manager (GPP) will work with you to develop and execute a plan to enable you achieve your desired partnership goals with us.

The GPP will also support your sales efforts by participating in joint sales calls, corresponding with prospective clients and

providing sale and marketing tools which will alleviate the burdens our partners may encounter on the job.

We ensure customer satisfaction by providing our clients with the training needed to obtain international recognition in their spheres of influence at great value for time and money.

Vantage Certifications offers the following:

An in-class training delivered by instructors with real-world experience and competence.

A 24/7 online flexible training platform to ensure that our clients get the training they desire at their convenience. This fits individual learning styles, training goals, geographical location and budget.

A Self-Study plan for those who wish to prepare for the certification without the help of an instructor or the online platform. This group will be provided with a self-sufficient comprehensive study guide, materials and access to our question bank.

Becoming our sales partner will enable you make good money that’s proportional to your effort without conflicts of interest. It will serve as an additional stream of income and doesn’t require you to quit your current employment contract.

Below are the categories of for sales partner:

Referral Partners

The Referral Partner program is for HR Professionals, individuals and working professionals who wish to refer their friends, colleagues and associates to us.

Reseller Partners

The Reseller Partner program is for Companies who already provide Training Services. With support from Vantage Certifications, you can leverage on the sales department of your company by increasing your product portfolio. By leveraging on our offers, you can enhance the services you provide while generating additional revenue.

If our vision resonates with you and you believe you are capable of joining the limited number of potential sales partners with Vantage Certifications