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Online GPHR Exam Preparatory Course

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GPHR Exam Preparatory Course

Online GPHR Exam Preparatory Course

Getting a certification is an important credential for ascending the ladder of success in the HR professional world. If you picture yourself being more relevant in your HR career or position yourself as an expert in the global space, then you should consider getting the Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) certification by enrolling for our GPHR Exam Preparatory Course.

In today’s competitive market, possessing a globally recognized HR certification will set you apart in Nigeria and cause you to stand taller than your other counterparts.

GPHR is a certification that signifies you have the knowledge and skills needed to manage HR challenges in a global market place. Simply put, it is specifically designed for the HR professional whose job cuts across international lines. The Online GPHR certifications training has been designed to help you study at the comfort of your home.

If you’re seeking out to be globally relevant in your HR career, then this certification is the best for you.  It demonstrates your expertise of multinational HR responsibilities, including strategies of globalization development of HR policies and initiatives that support organizational global reach.

Ready to improve your HR career with the GPHR Certification Exam Preparatory Course?

How do you Get Started with GPHR Exam Preparatory Course?

Vantage Certification is an approved HR certification training and exam preparatory institute in Nigeria and Canada. Vantage Certifications partners with world-leading institutions to provide certifications which are valuable to industry leaders across the world. Our Global HR Certifications offer Individuals and Organizations the opportunity to benefit from our extensive pool of facilitators with relevant industry experiences.

Our faculties have exceptional credentials that are complemented with practical and professional experience in the HR field in Nigeria and Abroad. Through our unique blend of academic knowledge and industry experience, we ensure that our candidates’ professional needs are at the forefront of our online GPHR Exam preparatory course training modules.

Vantage certifications training courses have been carefully selected to empower you with the professional to become competent, have visible improvement in performance and score all attain huge success in the business. Gain HR visibility today and have an edge over other HR professionals today, especially during recruitment.

We provide opportunities for HR professionals to network and share real world experience and we are totally reliable when it comes to delivering practical and professional experience.

What is the GPHR Eligibility Criteria?

The GPHR certification is intended for HR professionals working in a global marketplace who have a role that supports organizational growth on a global level. To enrol for the online GPHR Certifications Exam Preparatory Course, you must have one of the following

  • Have at least two years of experience at a professional-level HR position and a Master’s degree or higher.
  • Possess at least three years of experience at a professional-level HR position and a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Possess at least four years of experience* at a professional-level HR position and a high school diploma.

If you meet any of the requirements listed above, then you’re ready to take this certification course and give your HR career a boost.

What is the Online Training Package?


The Online GPHR Exam Preparatory training has been specially designed to suit the needs of HR professionals who wish to study from the comfort of their home. Enrol for the Online GPHR Exam Preparatory training if you don’t reside in Lagos or have a busy schedule that won’t allow you attend the physical weekend classes.

Choose the Online GPHR Exam Preparatory training package today to enjoy a flexible study schedule that allows you to train for the GPHR from the comfort of your home. You also have the privilege of accessing pre-recorded online videos courses with 4k quality camera.

Some other benefits of the Online GPHR Exam Preparatory training includes;

  • 30 hours of e-learning video content and a 24/7 WhatsApp group support for you.
  • Access to over 1500 practice test questions and mock examination questions.
  • Access to online live Q&A virtual interactive session
  • Guaranteed E-copies of training/study materials.

Most importantly, a certification of completion.

What Is the Format for the Examination?

The GPHR exams are written all year round but it is subject to availability of the testing centre of your choice.

  • Computer-based Testing (CBT) at a Prometric testing center
  • Exam time: 3 hours
  • Exam length: 140 multiple-choice questions + 25 pretest questions
  • Language: English

What are the Course Modules Covered?

  • Global motility
  • Workplace culture
  • Total rewards
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Strategic Global Human Resources
  • Global talent Management

What is the Cost of the Examination?

The cost of the GPHR certification exam is $600. Note that these courses will prove to your employers that you have the knowledge and skills to move up in your career. There would be no Refunds once an examination application is approved.

In conclusion, at Vantage Certifications, we prioritise your study by providing you with the best learning experience. Our wide range of online GPHR Exam Preparatory training t offers include the certification course manuals, vibrant classroom experience, flexible online training schedules and partnership with examining bodies, which make us your ideal centre for obtaining your desired certification training and examinations.

Getting the online GPHR Certifications Exam Preparatory training at Vantage Certifications will help you save cost and learn from the very best in the HR Industry. We have Taiwo Dayo-Abatan, as a member of our advisory board and Yemi Faseun as the Chairman, Advisory board. Having these amazing HR Professionals on board for the GPHR certifications will not only improve your core competency but also get you connected with the right people.

To get more information about the online GPHR Exam Preparatory Course and training at Vantage Certifications, check our website: https://vantagecertifications.ca/, send us an email: info@vantagecertifications.ca  or call 0813730 6054, 08060299175, 08068571295 for more information

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