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Nine (9) Tips for Minimizing Workplace Negativity

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workplace negativity

Nine (9) Tips for Minimizing Workplace Negativity

Nothing affects work productivity of the employees more than constant workplace negativity. It has a way of draining the energy of your company/business. Workplace negativity can be in the attitude, outlook, and gossips among employees, etc. As a HR professional, being closely in touch with employees in the company is very important.

Again, work on receiving employee complaints, when an employee is leaving the company, work on exit interviews to ascertain the inner activities in the company.

What is Workplace Negativity?

Workplace Negativity is a problem that has been on the increase in the workplace, according to Gary S. Topchik. He insinuates that the negativity is in most cases the result of a loss of confidence. Understanding what causes workplace negativity is the first step in solving the problem.

When negativity is rising in your organization, discussing with employees will assist you in understanding the exact problems and the extent to which it can or has damaged your company.

Whatsoever the cause of the negativity at the workplace might be, it’s important to address the issues or brace up for the damages it can cause.

Here are Nine (9) Tips to Minimize Workplace Negativity

workplace negativity

First thing to know is that the best possible way to fight workplace negativity is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

1. Sense of ownership.

Try to provide opportunities for people to make decisions and control and influence their job. The most frequent cause of workplace negativity can be traced to a manager or company taking a decision on a person’s work without their input. Most decisions excluding the input of the person doing the work is seen as negative.

2. Freedom of diplomatic Expressions

Diplomatic Freedom of speech is required for people to express their opinion and feelings about policies and stuff at the workplace. Changes in some factors like payments, etc can cause serious negative responses.

To curb, work on providing early, proactive responses to questions and concern.

3. Fair Treatment policy

Treat people with respect consistently. Avoid every appearance of favouritism. This can be done by implementing same standard of accountability and rewards system for all employees. Develop, publicize and apply feasible workplace policies that fixes work effectively.

4. Build trust.

Give your employees benefit of doubt. Make them feel trusted and worthy of your respect because invariably most of them are. You can start the trust process from the point of Employment of a new employee.

Dig into their past performances, truthfulness, and contribution over time to confirm your original position. Do not pressure your employees by making them feel they need to earn your trust. They are wise and once you don’t trust them, they will know. That position alone can cause negativity to take over in your workplace.

5. Minimise the rules.

Do not create much for all employees when there are just a few people who are defaulting. You should reduce rules because when you treat people as adults that they are, they invariably live up to your expectations, and their own expectations.

6. Involve All Employees in the Major Decisions

Make your employees feel involved. Provide a platform for decisions, and easy communication constantly. Don’t fear over-communication as long as it eliminates negativity. You will watch your employees gain the confidence and support you need.

7. Make available, Platform for growth

Work on seeing your people grow and develop on the job. Help your staff see that you are committed to their growth and advancement by creating mutually developed career path plans for every employee.

8. Lead!

Make your mission, vision, values, and goals available and live it yourself. These gives them a sense of direction, and watch them contribute massively to that growth. Most staff make great decisions for your business when you empower them with the right information to align them.

9. Recognize hard work

Create a working platform that rewards and recognizes people’s hard work. This eliminates negativity a lot.

In Conclusion, reducing negativity at your workplace majorly depends on the organisational conduct and ethical practices. Ensuring equality at your workplace and Implementing the above tips will definitely help to minimise negativities from your employees at your workplace.

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