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Importance of Human Resource Management in an Organization

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Human Resource Management

Importance of Human Resource Management in an Organization

Human resources management is essential for the growth of any organization. HR management helps in bridging the gap between employees’ performance and how the organization achieve their initial objectives.

By the end of this post, you’ll come to terms with the importance of human resources management in any organization.

We can say human resources are the people involved in a business or organization, regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities. Human resource management is therefore the effective management of the people in an organisation.

An effective HR management can give firms an edge over the competition, because these HR managers are responsible for everything relating to human beings, and human beings form a huge percentage of a company’s success.

HR managers are those in charge of human resource management. More than this general understanding of the role and responsibilities of an HR manager, we have outlined other key responsibilities of an HR manager below;

Roles of Human Resource Managers

Human Resource Management

  • Human Resources Manager train, otherwise called orientation, new employees coming into an organisation. They see that it trains these employees with the skills needed for their professional development.
  • They are also responsible for hiring the right people for a role. They interview prospects and make it a point of duty to use the very best for the job.
  • HR managers build effective employee relations, this helps boost a company’s productivity that fosters the growth of an organisation.

They implement these employee’s relations strategies to make sure that the organization caters for the overall well-being of the employees.

A company cannot thrive if it lacks a skilled HR team.

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Now, let’s move to the importance of human resource management in the organization.

As stated earlier, human resource management is the application of the best management approaches towards the people in an organisation. If this is done well, it will lead to a lot of things ranging from achieving organizational goals, to gaining an edge over their competition.

Importance of human resource management in an orgarnisation

Human Resource Management

1. Company goals are reached

If the best strategies of managing people in an organisation are implemented, it ensures that the organization reaches its business goals in no time.

2. Simple decision making

A company that has the right set of expert HR managers will make corporate decision easier, which includes assessing employees, and projecting the needs for the workforce based on business demand.

3. It strengthens business operations

Any area in which the HR managers control will boost the employees experience throughout the workforce, and this will strengthen the smooth running of business operations.

4. Establishment of a healthy work culture

Effective means of communication amongst employers and employees in an organization fosters open talk and exchange of feedback. HR managers need to ensure there is effective communication among employees to help them communicate their problems better with the organization.

This work culture can also be in favour of the employers, where they can openly criticize the work of their employees or reward them when they surpass their expectations.

5. Improves organizational performance

Effective human resource management practices will improve the organizational performance by improving the employees’s skills and abilities.

It will increase the productivity level of the workers in an organisation, and increase the efficiency of
work output.

6. Fosters effective relationship with potential and existing employees

HR managers are the ones that are most likely to bridge the relationship gap between the executive level management and employees.

If there’s a mutual relationship with both parties, there would be an increase in work productivity which leads to business profit.

7. Pay / Compensation

Lastly, HRM handles payment of salaries and compensation. They see that there is effective work pay or incentives to the employees.


The Human Resource Management Department is a valuable one every organization should invest in for improved performance and effective coordination of activities. HR Manager contribute almost 100% to the work output, which propels business profits and productivity.

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