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How to start a career in Human Resource Management?

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How to start a career in Human Resource Management?

Human resource management involves the effective management of organizational workers to help them work more effectively. The HR department in an organization is designed to maximize employees’ performance and corporate conducts. The HR or HRM is a fast-growing industry with so many career opportunities for managers, talent managers, HR generalists and many more.

If you are currently considering switching career into HR, the good news is that there are several job titles for which you may eventually qualify if you pursue an HR career.

Just in case you are not very clear about the primary roles and responsibilities of an HR practitioner, the subsequent paragraphs in this article have carefully explained the roles and responsibility of the HR manager in an organisation to help you make better informed career decisions.

Now back to the subject matter.

What is Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) in an organisation is majorly involved with the management of employees, with a focus on the policies and systems. In every organisation, the HR departments are responsible for supervising employee benefits or incentives, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal and overall staff management. The HR also ensure that the organisation adherers to industry policies and practices as well as governmental laws. The HR ensures that the operation of the organisation sticks within the confines of the country and industry laws.

Objectives of Human Resource Management

The objectives of the HR manager in an organisation is to;

  • Help the organisation reach its goals and maximum potentials.
  • Ensure respect and conducted practices of employee in an organisation.
  • Ensure effective utilisation and maximum development of human resources.
  • Uphold the sense of team spirit, teamwork and successful collaborations.
  • Enhance the capabilities of employee to work more effectively.
  • Maintain a good quality of work life.
  • Provide well-trained and well-motivated employees.
  • Guarantee job satisfaction.

How to Get into the HR Career

Human resource (HR) is a professional career that demands integrity, confidentiality of employee information and a high level of mutual interaction abilities from its practitioners. For you to be successful as an HR practitioner, you will need at least a basic knowledge of business management, corporate finance, as well as a great communication and negotiation skills.

To succeed as an HR practitioner, you must also be prepared to fully understand the corporate goals and objectives of your employer’s organisation.

Skills and Competencies required for a career in Human Resource Management (HRM)

Surviving in the HR field requires you to have certain skills that will be useful to successfully carry out your duties. The following are the skills required of you to thrive in the industry:

  • Employee Relations: You must be able to maintain good relationship with your employees.
  • Staff Recruiting: Your main duty as an HR professional is to be able to search for and recruit great talents for the organization.
  • Screening and interviewing skills.
  • Adequate knowledge of the Human Resources Information Software (HRIS).
  • Performance Management.
  • You must be able to negotiate well.
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Management skill.
  • Effective Communications Skills.
  • Ability to multitask.

The Earnings of an HR Manager

The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook, states that the prospects for various Human Resources jobs vary by position. They also revealed that HR practitioners are likely to grow twice as the current salaries in the coming years. This is a great motivation for you to start your career in HR.

Are Certifications Required to Start an HR Career?

GPHR certification

Yes, definitely, you need at least one of the several HR certifications to stand firm in the HR space.

A certification is a clear confirmation of your competency, commitment, and expertise in your profession as well as a great way of advancing your career. There are many HR certifications that you can consider but the HRCI is a global certificate that can get you started in the HR field. Some of the certifications that are worth considering includes;

Several studies have revealed that certified HR professionals make substantially more money than their uncertified peers, so certification is something you should consider as you progress in your HR career.

Ready to start your career in Human Resource Management?

Begin your HR journey by taking note of all the information that have been provided above. Career options for HR graduates includes the role of an HR officer, Office manager, training and development manager, business adviser, career adviser, life coach, recruitment consultant among others. Continuous desire to be learn and improve your competency will definitely help you become successful in the HR field.

Good luck!

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