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How to obtain HRCI Certifications and become an HR Professional

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HRCI Certifications

How to obtain HRCI Certifications and become an HR Professional

Have you ever heard of HRCI certifications before? If you have, you are in the right place, because we have good news for you. If you haven’t, then where else will you rather be. Just read along and get excited on what we have in store

What do high earning HR Professionals all have in common? It has been reported that over 34.2 percent of all HR professionals have at least one HR certification. It makes sense that so many would want to be certified when HR professionals with certifications are reported to receive more promotions and achieve career success more quickly.

The truth is, Certifications are really helpful for people transitioning into HR as it’s a great way to help prove that you have a good knowledge base and that you know what you’re doing. They are a great way to supplement your education and make sure you know your stuff.

At Vantage CERTIFICATIONS, we are an HRCI Certified training centre in Nigeria dedicated to helping you get the best out of your training experience and pass the certification exam without a hitch, in order to obtain HRCI Certifications. We can help you get started no matter what your professional level of experience is or if you’ve been in the HR industry long enough.

Which of the HRCI Certifications is right for me?

As a Certified HRCI training and Certification Preparatory Provider center, we offer all HRCI courses which include – aPHRi, PHRi, SPHRi, GPHR. These examinations all have different levels of experience required.


The Associate Professional In Human Resource International is for the new professional with no HR experience. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma. You would need to have some knowledge, but you may be able to get it from college course work or through the review materials.


The Professional In Human Resource International is for the mid-level professional who knows the technical and operational side of human resources. This professional has worked in the field for a few years and is familiar with laws and regulations (federal and state) that affect the work in the department.


The Senior Professional In Human Resource International is just as the name implies, for the more senior HR professional who is responsible for the strategic planning in HR department as well as the overall organization. These professionals are familiar with the business as a whole and are able to think about how the HR processes affect the rest of the business. At this level, the practitioner is thinking about how HR fits into the organizational goals and how HR can help the organization achieve those goals.

Qualifications for the SPHR are the same as PHR, except that you need 3 additional years of experience for each degree level.


The Global Professional In Human Resource is for those HR professionals with experience in more than one country including strategies of globalization development of HR policies and initiatives that support organizational global growth.

Global HR experience is defined as having direct, cross-border HR responsibilities for two or more countries or regions.

You can register now for any of the certifications of your choice with Vantage Certifications. We have training options which include in-class training, online training and self-study. Our faculties have exceptional credentials that are complemented with practical and professional experience. Through our unique blend of academic knowledge and industry experience we ensure that our candidates’ professional needs are at the forefront of our training modules.


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