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aPHRi Certification with Vantage Certifications in Nigeria

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aPHRi Certification

aPHRi Certification with Vantage Certifications in Nigeria

The competition in the HR career can be quite intimidating at the same time interesting. For every aspiring HR professional, the aPHRI Certification (Associate Professional in Human Resources) should be the number one goal to stand out in the HR career in any industry as a beginner.

However, the aPHRi from Vantage Certifications in partnership with the HRCI remains the best certification worldwide you can obtain without any experience that gives your career a boost and massages your confidence into making waves in the HR career path.

Therefore, in this article, we have been able to bring it to the lowest point of understanding the what, why and how of acquiring an Associate Professional in Human Resources certification.

  1. What the aPHRi Certification is all about?
  2. Why the aPHRi from vantage certifications is important.
  3. Who needs this aPHRi certification?
  4. How to prepare for the HRCI certification examination and ways to spot a legit and authorized training centre for HRCI certification in Nigeria.
  5. Lastly, the processes to follow in registering for and training to obtain an aPHRi certification.

What Is aPHRi?

The Associate Professional in Human Resources International (aPHRi) is a global, knowledge-oriented credential that is made specifically to certify candidates who are about to begin their HR career journey.

One primary thing the aPHRi credential does is that they act as a proof or tend to prove that you are fit for the role with foundational knowledge in Human Resources.

Again, as an HR candidate, the aPHRi credential is invariably used to measure your competency and your depth of knowledge.

Why Is The aPHRi Important And Where Is The Best Place To Get This Certification?

  1. This aPHRi certification is recognised worldwide as strong proof of competency and highly emphasizes on your deep knowledge of the HR and HR related responsibilities like HR operations, selection, employee relations, safety, etc.
  2. Research has proven the aPHRi is the first HR certification made specifically for intending professional HR candidates.
  3. To begin to thread the HR Career path, the aPHRi certification is a perfect artificial dose of healthy confidence to commence with understanding the competition In the HR career path.
  4. Lastly, do you want to improve on your professional identity? Become aPHRi certified and watch yourself leave a clear professional impression.

Who needs the aPHRi Certification?

This aPHRi certification is basically for HR enthusiasts who intend to thread the path of the HR career. It is the first HR certification in existence for candidates who are just beginning their career in HR Sector. In the same vein, it is for students, non-HR managers and those trying to upgrade into the HR roles.

Having said all these, I want to believe that this content is spurring something in you to get certified but the big question in your thought could be –

“Where can I get this certification?

It’s simple. Vantage Certification is an approved training and exam preparatory centre for HRCI Certifications. Yes! Vantage Certification has partnered with HRCI to train, equip and empower you with the relevant training you need to excel in your HR career and obtain your certification. Not only do we train you, we also offer exam application and documentation services.

Vantage Certification is recognized globally as one of the most reliable companies that offer aPHRi preparatory training.

As such, our training courses are carefully designed to help you become professionally competent, enhance visible improve in performance and score all attain huge success in the business.

How To Prepare For The Vantage Certifications Examination.

To Get Started;

Vantage Certifications has a seamless ongoing process that gives you the best learning experience and equips you to excel in the certification examination at the first sitting.

Vantage Certifications have different learning strategies namely;

  1. The In-Class Training: This training begins with a 6-day in-class training done during the week or weekends. This is followed by a virtual learning process for an extra 6 weeks, which is aimed at completing the learning period.
  1. The Online learning strategy: This gives you access to pre-recorded videos, other learning materials and the personal study learning option.
  1. Personal study: Here, you are free to purchase the fully equipped preparatory materials and study effectively at your own convenience.

Note: while trying to get aPHRi certified, ensure to do the following;

  1. Don’t be in haste, endeavour to make enquiries.
  2. Ensure that the certification preparatory provider is recognized and endorsed by HRCi because any certificate outside HRCI is invalid. This is why Vantage Certifications is your preferred choice.
  3. Ensure you are being trained by certified aPHRi trainers or facilitators. What’s the use of APHRi without visible application of knowledge outside the certificate?

Based on this, Vantage Certifications is highly recommended because, with them, your professionalism is secured.

Our faculties have exceptional credentials that are complemented with practical and professional experience. Through our unique blend of academic knowledge and industry experience we ensure that our candidates’ professional needs are at the forefront of our training modules.

How To Prepare For The Vantage Certification Examination.

After registration, you will get a class notification mail that breaks down the dates, venue and modules for the duration of your study with us. We have put in place strategies that will determine a smooth training and Exam Application/Documentation process.

All HRCI- aPHRi credentials are made to meet the set standards of accreditation and we are confident in this regard.

The aPHRi modules you will be trained on include;

  • HR Operations
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Human Resource Development and Retention.
  • Health, Safety & Security.

After making the decision to go for an Associate Professional in Human Resources Certification with Vantage Certifications, register here and get access to study materials, pre-test kit and Exam application. It is time to enhance your HR management career and gain this highly prioritized credential from HRCI.

In conclusion, the game-changer in the HR career for beginning professionals is to get the aPHRi certification.

Cheers to a thriving HR career!

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