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Accredited HRCI Company in Nigeria

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HRCI Company

Accredited HRCI Company in Nigeria

To practice Human Resource Management in Nigeria and globally it is crucial to carry HR certification that is recognized and internationally viable.

There are four major certifications, which an international HR Professional needs in their journey. They are aPHRi, PHRi, SPHRi and GPHRi. These certifications are sure to give you an extra bargaining chip in the negotiation room as well as equip you with verified industry knowledge that will help you make strategic business decisions in favor of your organization.

After deciding on the best HRCI Certification that fits your needs/level of experience, the next thing is to look for a suitable accredited HRCI Certification Preparation Provider in Nigeria.

When looking to get an HRCI Certification, it is important to note that HRCI only approves students who trained through HRCI approved certification preparation provider – CPP. As an accredited HRCI Company in Nigeria, enrolling for aPHRi, PHRi, SPRHi and GPHR certification preparation class with Vantage Certifications keeps you on the right path to bag HR certification in Nigeria.

At Vantage Global Certifications we partner with world leading institutions to provide Certifications that are valuable to HR Professionals across the world. Our Global Certification training offers Individuals and Organizations the opportunity to benefit from our extensive pool of experienced trainers who can deliver the training you need, when you need it and where you need it. Our Human Resources Management training courses will help prepare you for the HRCI® certification examination which will ultimately afford you with credibility, international acceptance and an ultimate edge over your CO-HR practitioners.

After taking notes of the available Certification Preparation Provider, It is important to understand the price range and structure as it will help you pick out a centre that offers great service without breaking the bank. For HR Professionals who are ready to take their Career further, our trainings are affordable without compromising on the quality or value. We value your time and resources and our courses are designed with flexibility in mind to provide you the options undergoing your preparatory trainings In-Class (Weekdays/Weekends), Online or Self-Study.

The simplified training process begins with a 6-day in-class training followed with a virtual learning schedule for another 8 weeks to help round out the learning period.
We also have training centers in Lagos and Abuja at central locations that are easily accessible.

The final thing when choosing the best training centre is to review the training content of the accredited HRCI Company in Nigeria. This is to confirm that the Centre’s HRM Courses come with Most Recent HRCI Exam Preparatory Kits and Online Practice Access, Flash Cards and over 1,000 Practical Exam Questions.

Attending trainings in our Accredited HRCI Company in Nigeria affords you with the following benefits:

  • Career advancement – As an HR professional, you are prepared for career advancement opportunities. Our classes are engaging and features open interactive forums and “real-world” case studies.
  • Cost-effective learning – We create an enabling environment for participants to challenge, question, unlearn, learn, grow and have fun through engaging interactive courses that meet the industries demands. You can apply for any of our learning options that meets your needs – In-class, Online or self-study.
  • Practitioner-focused and competency-based – Our faculties have exceptional credentials that are complemented with practical and professional experience. Through our unique blend of academic knowledge and industry experience we ensure that our candidates’ professional needs are at the forefront of our training modules. The curriculum is designed by subject matter experts and includes application exercises designed to develop specific competencies and decision-making skills.
  • Action-oriented curriculum – Our trainings provide opportunities for HR professionals to network, and share “real-world” experiences and apply what they learn to the workplace.
  • Convenient hours – the course is offered after work hours, on the weekends, or Web-based.
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